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Hon. Anthony Mahler

Hon. Anthony Mahler

Minister of Tourism & Diaspora Relations | Government of Belize

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Anthony Mahler is a family man, a visionary leader and a political veteran with 25 years of working for the people. He has served as Communications Director and as Deputy Party Leader for the East and is now prepared to bring real change and real love to the Pickstock Division.

He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix where he majored in Global Management, and a Master’s Program Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis from the Devry, Keller School of Management. He also attained a Certificate in Strategic Management from Tuck Institute at Dartmouth.

Anthony has served in a management capacity in the public and private sectors and has led teams that have spearheaded campaigns and policies. He is a leader and a team player, a humble individual who believes in service and is committed to the people of Pickstock.

For too many years, the Pickstock Division has been neglected, and the needs of the people ignored. There has been no real development in the area, and there are very few opportunities for people to empower themselves. Anthony is committed to transforming the division, with a focus on the needs of the people. There is a REAL need for infrastructure, and for quality, affordable housing. The people need meaningful employment, not temporary, menial jobs. The children of the Pickstock Division need access to good education and proper healthcare.