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Celia Cruz de Giay

Vice President RI 2014-2015


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Celia is married to Luis Vicente Giay, President of Rotary International 1996-97. She has four children and eight grandchildren. She is a teacher, professor of music, journalist, and writer and has completed a postgraduate diploma in”Gestión y Dirección de Organizaciones con Fines Sociales” at the University of Salvador, Argentina.

Additionally, she has held several high-level positions within her zone and rotary district as well as being the chairman and committee member of the RI. She also volunteers for her Rotary foundation, serves as an official RI Representative and past executive director for the “Rotary Life” magazine, the International Rotary Publication for Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Celia was Chairman of the 2020 RI Virtual Convention, Co-Convener of the Rotary 2020 Virtual Institute, Chairman of the Global RI Committee of Action Groups and the Community of Selection for Zone Director, Convener of the Presidential Conference for New Generations, Trainer of the Institute for Regional Coordinators of the Pública Image and the Rotary Foundation, Instructor for the administration of financial resources, Trainer the Future Vision of the RotaryFoundation, President of the Division of Buenos Aires of the Institute of Leadership and Member of the Committee of Directors of the Regional Journals.

She is currently Representative of the RI Pte, National Coordinator for Regional Committees, Chairman of the Argentina-Brazil Interpaises Committee, and Chairman of the Peace Conference Pre Convention Houston 2022.

Celia Giay is Partner Paul Harris, Benefactor, and Higher Donor Level III of the foundation Rotary. All members of her family are Paul Harris Partners. Ms. Giay was recognized with Rotary Foundation’s “Meritorious Services Citation” and “Distinguished Services Citation” and Rotary International’s “Give Of Yes Before Thinking About Yes” Award.