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Themy Lora Almonte

Assistant 2023-2024


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Themy Lora Almonte was born on Wednesday, July 9, in the city of Santiago Rodríguez, Dominican Republic; She is the youngest daughter of teachers Rosa Emilia Almonte Collado and teacher Fausto Lora Jiménez (both deceased).

She began her first studies until she finished high school in her hometown.

In 1990, she arrived in the city of Santiago to study at the UTESA Technological University, obtaining two degrees; one in Office Administration and General Psychology.

She has obtained knowledge in Speech Therapy, Diplomas in Psychometrics, Youth Altruism and Capacity, among others. She has a Master’s degree in Systemic Family Therapy and couples, and is a lecturer.

Recent knowledge in: Neuroflexibility in education, Importance of Neuroplasticity in the brain, First aid in times of crisis, Leadership from Scratch, etc.

She has been recognized twice as Woman of the Year by Diario Libre and the Rotary Club Santiago Monumental, of which she became president years later. From 2011 to 2020, she was an Interact advisor, also in the period 2020-2024 she was an Ambassador for the Mental Health and girls’ empowerment program.

She directs the Mano Amiga Albert Volunteering and is the founder of the SENERGIA Systemic Family Psychological Center.

She belongs to social and religious groups such as:

Emmaus Women Community, Happy Matrimony, Rotary Club Santiago Monumental, currently being an Assistant to the Mental Health and Empowerment of Girls program of Rotary District 4060, she is a volunteer godmother in UNIQUEM burned children area of the Children’s Hospital Dr. Grullón, godmother of children in special conditions Dr. Dario Gómez, Santiago Rodríguez.

She gives talks in vulnerable sectors about:

Burn Prevention, Marriages, Parents, Young People, mental health care, and everything related to emotions.

She considers herself happy and very lucky since she has been lucky enough to have God as the center of her soul and family, she has great wealth accumulated through each person who comes into her life.